Providing Quality Constituent Services

Having served in all three branches of local government, and as a former elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Lori has a track record for achieving results and building collaborations among District agencies and diverse constituencies.  As your Councilperson, Lori will listen and be responsive to the needs of all Ward 1 constituents. She will ensure that residents have access to available services and support, and receive timely responses from responsible District agencies. Having served in all three branches of local government, and as a former elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Lori has a proven track record for getting right to what needs to be done.  She will make the delivery of constituent services a more responsive, timely, and transparent process.

Focusing on the Long-Term Stability of Our Communities

Lori Parker believes Ward 1’s neighborhoods are communities, not commodities.  On the Council, she will be a strong advocate for legislation and policies that facilitate long-term stability for our existing residents and local businesses and new residents and businesses, while preserving and protecting the great history, culture and socio-economic diversity in our Ward.  Ward 1 is on the upswing, but the status quo is not working to achieve stability for far too many residents and local businesses.  Lori will fight for a more inclusive approach, working with residents at all income levels, neighborhood organizations and local businesses to create alternative systems for growth, leadership and intergenerational opportunities in our communities. These opportunities would include active interaction and engagement among our long-term residents (individuals and families) and our newer residents (individuals and families) committed to making Ward 1 their home on a long-term basis and deserving greater participation at the community level. Lori believes that working to build healthy, vibrant, and new communities of opportunity, where everyone can participate and benefit, must be a priority.  This work must include working to develop a comprehensive strategy that does more to support our seniors aging in place; engaging our small and local businesses to address the barriers that may be preventing our businesses from thriving; and working to better address the challenges faced by our local non-profits that are providing the critical services needed for some of our most vulnerable residents.

Lori also knows firsthand the importance of a quality education in creating opportunities for future generations and preparing our children and youth for success.  She attended District of Columbia Public Schools from 6th through 9th grades, and lead major education initiatives to improve the educational outcomes for children and youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, most recently as a D.C. Superior Court judge.  As a member of the Council, she will fight for parents and students to ensure quality neighborhood public schools, traditional and charter, in Ward 1 and District-wide.  She will work to ensure that both the traditional public school and charter school systems are held accountable for ensuring that every child reports to school ready to learn and has the resources needed to succeed, including our children in need of special education and supportive services requiring citywide collaboration.  

Lori Parker knows that achieving greater long-term stability in our Ward also requires that residents feel safe and stable in their homes and communities.  Her experience as a former judge makes her keenly aware of the quality of life and public safety issues facing our residents and businesses.  Lori believes that keeping our homes, streets, parks, and businesses safe requires the involvement of everyone in the community.  As a member of the Council, she will work with her colleagues, the executive branch, justice system partners, residents, community organizations, business owners and other stakeholders to identify and advocate for the most effective strategies for better addressing crime and quality of life issues in Ward 1 and for the District as a whole.    

Promoting Engagement in the Legislative Process

As a former senior advisor in the Executive branch; Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner;  and lawyer and Committee Clerk to the D.C. Council's Committee on the Judiciary, Lori knows how critical stakeholder expertise, experience and engagement are in the legislative process.  She possesses the abilities to listen to, build, and sustain coalitions both outside of and within government to drive change.  Lori's professional experience in all three branches of local government equips her for carrying forward a real vision for the systemic issues that exist in Ward 1 and District-wide, including: poverty; public education and truancy; affordable housing; and healthcare. Lori will engage and inform the Ward 1 community and other stakeholders regarding proposed legislation, listen to the views of Ward 1 residents regarding the potential impact of proposed legislation, and encourage constituent participation in legislative hearings.

During her tenure as an attorney and Committee Clerk to the D.C. Council's Committee on the Judiciary, Lori worked on numerous legislative proposals that have since been enacted into law.  She  conducted legal research and legislative drafting, prepared Committee reports, and worked very closely with diverse constituencies, including: District residents; District agency representatives; members of the legal community; non-profit organizations; advocates; and other stakeholders, to determine benefits and/or unintended consequences of proposed legislation.

While serving as a senior advisor in the Administration of former Mayor Anthony Williams, Lori provided testimony before the D.C. Council's Committee on Health and Human Services, and conferred regularly with the Mayor's Office on Legislation and Policy and D.C. Council staff regarding legislative proposals related to the operations and policies of the District's health and human services agencies.       

Having served as a Magistrate Judge in the D.C. Superior Court for 11 years, in the Family Court, Domestic Violence Unit and Criminal Division, Lori has extensive knowledge of how the application of our laws impact the everyday lives of District residents, and a unique perspective regarding the needs of District residents in all eight Wards.